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Regenerative Yoga & Sound Healing
Retreat in
Sri Lanka





A  nourishing & nurturing yoga retreat 

in the stunning beauty of Ulpotha's Jungle

Retreat, Sri Lanka.


8th December 2023 - 22nd December 2024  


 with Florentina Lam-Clark


Book Your Place for 1 or 2 weeks


"Yoga is a practice which empowers one to overcome the obstacle of the mind, for the purpose of the self experiencing it's own true nature"

Sri Mad Baghavatam

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Come and experience yoga in the heart and beauty of the jungle


Situated in the middle of Sri Lanka, North of Kandy, Ulpotha is deeply ensconced in the jungle, where all who come here enter a sublime paradise that feels safe and familiar, like coming home to the true self. This yoga retreat will nourish you and nurture you on all levels of being. 

This full immersive experience of yoga will fortify your energy levels, build a sound tool-kit for navigating through the inevitable challenges and stresses of daily living. As you ground, centre and reconnect to a sense of ease and inner peace, you will be able to build your resourcefulness and increase your vitality for living well.

In this yoga retreat you will be guided to connect with the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether, out of which nature (Prakruti) arises and from that which we are made, and learn about Ayurvedic principles and how to live in ways that enhance and support a healthy mind and body.


Living a daily life, without electricity, with wood-fire Ayurvedically cooked food, helps us to align with the diurnal rhythms of nature. This helps to re-set mind, body and spirit, bringing us into homeostasis and back to a natural way of being, You will be guided and encouraged to develop wellbeing tools to enhance a healthy life-style you can continue to embed into your life back home.


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Why you'll love this retreat experience!

  • Explore and practice yoga in its many different facets to grow, learn and deepen your practice and knowledge.

  • Slow down, rest, reset, replenish and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

  • Nourish your senses and creativity by the natural beauty of the surroundings.

  • Reconnect to yourself and nature, take time out for reflection and contemplation.

  • Experience, quiet, peace and stillness & clear your mind

  • Connect to your inner wisdom and intuition.

  • Enjoy the company of like-minded souls or simply take time and space for yourself 

  • Swim in the natural spring water lake

  • Unplug from the digital world to unwind 

It's easy at Ulpotha to switch off from the outside world and totally immerse yourself in the retreat, so you can return back home feeling refreshed, newly inspired, relaxed and rejuvenated.



The yoga experience - what to expect

This is a retreat to deepen your practice with alignment based Hatha Vinyasa Flow in the mornings and and more explorative and restorative practice in the late afternoon. We will be exploring the theme of the elements in line with Ayurveda and learn how the elements combine to create the 3 Doshas.


Morning yoga begins with an elementally themed dynamic flow practice sequenced to accommodate all levels of practice and experience.

The late afternoon practice will be a more restorative practice including elements of Yin, Sound Healing and Yoga Nidra. In these practices you will learn how to let go of stress and tension and how to truly relax.

Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, firm foundations in the dynamic Vinyasa Flow 

practice will encourage you to improve your strength, flexibility, stamina and balance. 


In this retreat, Flo will weave the deeper philosophical aspects of yoga and introduce Ayurvedic rituals  and practices to enhance your health and wellbeing. These are take-home tools that can easily be  integrated into daily life. 

Come and be nourished on all levels of being!


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The Cost

  • 1 week     - US$ 

  • 2 weeks.  - US$ 


What's included

  • All meals - A yoga-friendly breakfast and two sumptuous vegetarian meals, plus snacks, juices & teas

  • Yoga Classes twice daily - morning and afternoon. Mats and props available.

  • Massages and Ayurveda: Indulge in a free massage/week from one of our visiting therapists or book an Ayurveda treatment. (Further massages and our Ayurveda treatments are available for a supplementary fee)

  • Cultural Excursions: Transport for 1 excursion (half day) per week to nearby cultural heritage sites (entrance fees not included)

Not included

  • ​​ Airport Transfer to and from Ulpotha

  •  Travel insurance (recommended).

  •  Please bring your own yoga mat & props (belt & yoga bricks)

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A typical day at Ulpotha

7.00am - 7.30am     Tea and fruit 

7.30am - 9.00am     Yoga

9.00 - 9.30am          Breakfast

9.45 - 12.30pm         Massages, Ayurveda, Swimming, Relaxing

12.30pm-1.30pm     Lunch

2.00pm - 4.00pm    Massages, Ayurveda, Swimming, Relaxing

4.00pm - 5.00pm.   Tea and snacks

5.00pm - 6.30pm    Yoga

7.00pm - 8.00pm.   Dinner


This gives an idea of what to expect, though this will be laid out more specifically nearer the time.



Feedback from previous retreat students

"It was such an amazing asset to the retreat to have a resident yogini healer! Florentina integrates many types of yoga so there was something to suit everyone.  Also, having a variety of healing treatments available to guests throughout the weekend made the retreat experience very holistic. Florentina's healing is compassionate and intuitive; she brings a wealth of experience with her multi-disciplined healing and yoga practices. The retreat left me feeling renewed and centred. It was everything I hoped for and more! I recommend it to EVERYONE."

                                                                 Andrea White, Teacher, Equinox Retreat France, Sept 2019



"It was brilliant to have Flo as our yoga teacher, meditation leader and healer at the retreat. Not only is she a beautiful person, with a lovely energy - but her skills are exceptional! Flo’s yoga classes were enjoyable, varied and masterfully adapted to the needs and mood of the group. She paid close attention to everyone and gently offered adjustments and help where these were beneficial, as well as ensuring all skill levels were catered for. With Flo’s guidance and great tools, I mastered how to use my breath properly during yoga, after years of trying - a breakthrough!   She taught us great meditation and relaxation techniques, that have proven invaluable in my everyday life since the retreat.  I’d love to attend another retreat with Flo - she is a truly gifted healer and teacher, and a wonderful inspiring person to be around!"


                                                           Jolene Coloquhoun, Coach, Equinox Retreat France, Sept 2018




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