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Monday Flow & Restore


Wednesday Vinyasa Flow


Wednesday Flow & Restore


Friday Restorative Yoga

6.15pm - 7.30pm




​Monday  Shoreditch Hot Yoga

12.30pm - 1.30pm

Tuesday Chelsea Hot Yoga


Tuesday Camden Warm Flow & Restore

7.30pm - 8.30pm

Saturday Chelsea Hot Yoga



Yoga is an amazing practice for keeping  mind, body and spirit healthy and integrated and this is what cultivates a feeling of wholeness. With so much stimulation of our senses and the amount of information we process daily, it is easy to feel split, over-saturated and overwhelmed at the speed we are living, particularly in a city like London.

Taking time to practice, to move in precise and focussed ways, to slow down, breathe and connect to mind, body and breath is hugely therapeutic, healing and fun.  The benefits of yoga have positively resounding effects that you can experience not just in your body, but also in your attitude, moods, energy levels and outlook on life. It helps to transform you from the fizzing energy of stress to the calm resonance of peace and equanimity.

Yoga encompasses many different elements that make up a complete system for optimum health:- 


  • Pranayama Breathing: To utilise our capacity to harness life-force energy

  • Increase in focus: to cultivate attention and awareness

  • Gain body confidence, strength and flexibility

  • Explore proprioception and alignment as postures are practised

  • Learning tools for relaxation

  • Learning about self and exploring boundaries

  • Exploring philosophical concepts on and off the mat

Yoga can be accessed by anyone, whatever your background, age or experience.

What I enjoy about teaching,  is the fun we have exploring in a supportive environment without judgement, or any need to compare with others. 


I teach a range of classes from Vinyasa Flow to the more quiet, gentle, restorative yoga,  and the stillness of meditation.

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