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Vinyasa Flow


Monday 12.30pm-1.30pm Power Yoga at Triyoga Shoreditch

Wednesday 5.00pm - 6.00pm Vinyasa Flow at Yogahome


This is a class that invites and welcomes all levels of practitioner. Clear instruction and modifications are given to enable all practitioners to progress their practice.


 The class begins with mindful pranayama breathing, warming up the body slowly, and building to a dynamic flow of postures to help open and stretch out, connect and release tension. 


In this class we pay close attention to alignment and strengthening the core muscles of the body. This is a fun practice that explores creative sequencing, and builds awareness and propriopception. The practise is often infused with yoga philosophy, to give a sense of background and historical foundation from which to inform your practise. This approach helps to establish a good, strong basis from which to explore body, mind and spirit.


Classes are usually themed, with focus and attention on a particular part of the body, or system  and including Pranayama practice breath-work. These integrated components will help you to focus, develop and hone your practice. The class culminates in a guided relaxation and a long savasana for stillness and peace.

Helpful Hints for practice

Come with an attitude of beginners mind.  Come with an attitude of fun and enjoyment.


If you are just getting to know yoga, then be kind to yourself, if there is a posture you find overly challenging, it is ok to stop, pause and breathe, this will serve you well. If you feel you are not able "to do" the postures and you find yourself comparing yourself to others, come back to your breath and know that there are different levels of experience and natural abilities in the room. There are many variations of a posture available, so it is best to focus on where your body can go in that moment, rather than on "what it can't do". As you practice, you will become more familiar and adept and you will soon progress.


If you are more practised in yoga, this will help to keep your practice fresh.


If you are working with a chronic, or post-injury condition you will be encouraged to practice in a way that observes AHIMSA, (Non-harming/self-care) which is the first yoga tenet of the Yamas of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.

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