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Friday 6.15pm - 7.30pm at Yogahome

Restorative yoga is a practice for all.  No previous experience is necessary to enjoy the healing benefits.


Restorative has been found to facilitate the release of pain, anxiety and stress. It soothes and eases the mind which can help to overcome sleeping problems.  

Fundamental to this practice is the slow, gentle and mindful quality that is the perfect antidote to stress and pressure we can often feel when life feels too fast.


The use of props such as blankets, bolsters, blocks, straps, sandbags and eye pillows are tools used to support you during the practice. 


You are guided into each pose and given time to stay and be there in stillness. There is a gradual release and unwinding of tightness from mind and body. By inhabiting fewer poses than a traditional class, there is space for the body to passively stretch and open and to feel nourished and to simply be. When we can relax and unwind we can inhabit a state of ease, harmony and balance on all levels of being. 


Whilst there is space and time to just be, the practice may at times also include some attention and guidance on breathwork, self-reflection, the use of Sankalpa, mindfulness, gentle movement, self-compassion practices and the use of positive imagery and associations.

Some benefits:-

  • Soothes the nervous system and neutralises the "fight or flight" hormones that over-stimulate mind and body

  • Gives sensations of deep peace and relaxation and helps to stimulate the body's own pain relief

  • Gives time and space to become more bodily aware and to feel integrated in mind and body

  • Promotes a feeling of safety and nourishment of spirit

  • It has a calming, meditative quality

  • It can help to ease physical, mental or emotional pain

I am experienced in working with those who are experiencing pain as well as those who wish to add balance to their more dynamic asana practice.

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