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Sound Healing

What is Sound Healing?


Sound Healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies using crystal bowls or Himalayan bowls, with the intention of bringing mind, body, emotions and soul into a state of health and harmony. The sounds can be an immersive experience that soothes and calms the mind on a deep level, an is found to be valuable for releasing stress. Some people go on a sound journey and feel taken to a deep place of peace, other's experience physical sensations of tingling, release of blocked or stuck energy, or the release of physical tension and pain. The sounds can bring visions or can be a very visual experience, or help to connect to inner wisdom and the inner resourcefulness of intuition, they can bring clarity of mind, a lightness of being that is full of ease and tranquility. Each person's experience can vary and is unique. 

Sound Healing works well in a 1:1 session.  It is very effective for releasing stress and providing a safe, supportive space to  relax and feel nourished and nurtured, as stress melts away.

It is also experienced in a group Sound Bath.

The benefits of Sound Healing

  • Experience deep relaxation

  • Immersive journey of sound

  • Can ease physical tension and pain

  • Clears mind and body of stagnant or blocked energy

  • Can help to inspire creativity

  • Uplifting, clearing and relaxing

How does Sound Healing Work?


Sound has an immediate effect on our being as it is tangible. Not only can we hear the sounds but we also feel the vibration of the sounds and this has a direct connection to our emotional being. Science holds the view that we are all energy beings with our own resonant vibratory frequency. Every cell in our body emits a frequency and every organ in our body has a frequency that vibrates in optimum health when all systems in the body are balanced, but when we are not well, the resonance in the body is discordant and we experience "stress" which can led to illness on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. When we are not well, we often describe this as "feeling off-key" or "out of tune". When we are in health and feeling well, we feel "in sync" and in harmony.

Sound has an effect on our brainwaves, the application of sound healing changes brainwave patterns, shifting them from the normal waking state of Beta level and fight flight mode, to Alpha and Theta levels, where relaxation and natural healing takes place. This has great value on reversing the stress release of hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol in the body, which makes Sound Healing a good therapy for releasing pain.


In air sound travels at 340 metres per second, in water, sound travels at 1,500 metres per second and in glass sound travels at 5,600 metres per second. As the human body comprises of 70% water, this makes it a good conductor of sound and very responsive to Sound Healing. Through the principle of resonance it is possible to bring the body back to harmony. When the body is out of balance, sound healing can retune it, a bit like tuning a piano. When clear harmonious sounds are sounded for a person who is unbalanced or sick, their body will lock into those healing sounds in accord, this is known as entrainment.

How long is a 1:1 session? What to expect.

The session takes an hour,  to an 1.5 hours for the first time.. There is an initial consultation to discern the focus and reason for treatment.  Lying on a treatment couch, all that is needed is to remove shoes for comfort. There is an assessment of chakras and auric field using a pendulum, in order to select the singing bowls that appropriate for the session. The bowls are sounded around the body and can be laid on the body and tapped and also used to massage over the back, arms and legs, so the vibrations can be deeply felt.

Who is sound healing for?


Anyone can receive a sound healing, though there are some considerations to be aware of, if hearing aids are worn, they need to be removed.

Whilst sound waves affect the subtle energy of the body, some people can experience physical sensations during the treatment, though each person's experience is unique. The treatment is often experienced as deeply relaxing and restful and so is valuable for countering the stress hormones of the body. It often has a clarifying and releasing effect and people often say they feel light, relaxed and uplifted afterwards.

Sound Healing with Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls


The crystal bowls can be used in a sound healing on a 1:1 level and can also be applied to sound bath healing for a group of people.

Quartz Crystal Bowls


Crystal bowls are produced by using 99.8% pure crushed and powdered silicon quartz crystal. This is placed in a centrifugal spinning mould, a current is applied and the mix is heated at approximately 4,000 degrees C. this fuses the particles of silicon into an amorphous unified mass, and this is how an opaque Crystal Singing Bowl is born. This process is known as quartz fusion. The bowls create a pure, clear sound as each one is attuned to a specific note. In a healing session a set of 7 chakra bowls are available for use and the notes cover the scale of C D E F G B A.

How much is a session?

The cost is £70.00 for 1 hour and £95.00 1 hour and a half.

What to expect from a 1:1 Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Healing Treatment

During a 1:1 session there is a consultation to discern the reason for coming for a sound healing and to highlight any areas of focus, so the session can be tailored accordingly. Lying on a treatment couch, all that is needed is to remove shoes for comfort. There is an assessment of chakras and auric field using a pendulum, in order to select the singing bowls that appropriate for the session.  Gentle sounds from the quartz crystal are sounded and the cells in the body vibrate in response to the sound waves. There is a 10 minute period of stillness and silence after the sounding when the body integrates the session. A glass of water is given to hydrate the body and feedback on the session is discussed to help ground back to the present moment.

Himalayan Bowls

These bowls are mainly produced in India and Nepal and are formulated out of 7 different metals (Gold, Silver, Mercury, Copper, Iron, Tin and Lead). These metals can be hand-hammered, or machine made. The hand-hammered bowls tend to produce a richer sound than the machine-made ones. When played, every bowl is rich in harmonies as each metal resonates at a different frequency and will be affected by the type of puja or mallet (stick) used.

Himalayan Bowls Sound Healing 1:1 session

The Himalayan Bowls vary in size so are versatile, in they can be played in the aura over the body and can also be laid on the body, played and also be used to massage the body. The feeling of the massage in the body has a very grounding effect and so lends itself well to releasing pain in the body and tension. The sounds that are emitted are very soothing and relaxing and are effective at releasing stress and tension. The sounds work on all levels of being.

In a 1:1 session either the Himalayan Bowls are used or the Crystal Singing Bowls but they are not used together in a healing. 

Sound Baths

Sound Baths are enjoyable immersive experiences of concentrated sound journey's designed to reach deep states of relaxation and peace. The harmonic sounds can also help to facilitate a state of meditation, where you can dwell in peace and calm. The sounds can transport you on a journey that may stimulate visions, visuals, physical sensations that are tingling, and deep relaxation that is felt in all levels of being. Sound Baths are either with just the Crystal Singing Bowls or a combination of  Himalayan Bowls.

These sessions usually begin with a seated guided meditation to ground, centre and connect and to ease the mind towards the sound healing experience. Then lying down comfortably on your back, you can relax and enjoy the vibrations as the sound waves gently permeate your being.

To find out when the next Sound Bath experience is, please see the workshops page.

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