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Zero Balancing


This unique bodywork is the perfect integration between the structure and the energy fields of the body. Tensions can reside quite deep in the body and leave a memory of past injuries or emotional events that are often "buried" in the layers of connective tissue, muscle, organs right through to the bone.


More simply, it can just be the daily habitual patterns of movement or accumulation of stress that create tension and discomfort in the body. The focus of attention is therefore  on the densest form of matter , the skeletal system.  Engaging the energy of it by applying fulcrums (held stretches) along points of tension can help to release tension that is old or new. 


The treatment involves light traction that helps ease out tension and aids a more efficient alignment in the body. To receive a treatment is to feel the clarity of touch and connection that encourages the body to release aches, pains and stiffness in a gentle way. Some wonderful work around the head and neck fulcrums help to clear deeply held stiffness and increase range of movement. 


This treatment is helpful with injuries old or new, and helps with pulled muscles, repetitive strain of muscles and joints and is restoring of the nervous system as it is deeply relaxing.


Aligning mind and emotions

There are times when we can feel off-kilter, Zero Balancing is a whole body treatment in that it is useful to aid the balance of mind and emotions. The effects permeate through to all levels of being and so it can be beneficial whether the cause is physical, mental or emotional. 



What to expect from a treatment

The treatment is received fully clothed. After a consultation to ascertain the reason for treatment, an assessment of movement and structure is given at the beginning of the session. Then the treatment takes place lying down on the back on a treatment couch. The work focusses on foundation and semi-foundation joints of the body, with placed fulcrums starting around the lumbar area of the back and then working around sacrum, hips, legs and feet. There is some concentrated work and attention around head, neck, shoulders and upper back to release tension.

Many clients often feel that their posture is improved, weight of balance through the body is more even and that they feel taller! Emotionally there can be a feeling of being centred and aligned with  a sense of spaciousness and clarity in the mind. It also has a deeply relaxing effect on mind, emotions and spirit.

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