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Listen to a guided meditation below

Below are meditations that you can listen to when you feel you would like to stop, pause and  relax for a while. They can help with leading you into a good night's sleep.

Relaxation breathing meditation long ver
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Mind walking the feet yoga Nidra meditat
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Yoga Nidra for Peace & Healing: Zoom Recording 30/3/2020
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Meditation to soothe calm and groundFlo
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Meditation is the practice of sitting in stillness and being quiet, unplugged from any outside distractions. It is a concentration practice that is often centred around the breath, or other object of focus, which can include present moment awareness of sensations, awareness of sounds, the repetition of mantras or visualisations,


Although meditation is simple to engage in, many people find this difficult. This is because this a practice of "being" and as we are used to doing, having and achieving, it can feel quite the opposite of what are the habitual pursuits of life. With regular practice, what we find is, that sitting still is a refuge, a safe space, a place to reconnect, center and ground, and this feeling is often described as "coming home". It is the perfect antidote to stress and the pressured and stimulating lifestyle of a digitally engaged life. It is important that we learn to relax and counter the adrenaline that is released when we are stressed as this helps to balance mind, body and spirit.


Cultivating a formal practice

Access to meditation and the availability of meditation apps has grown exponentially, however, cultivating a stand-alone practice means that the practice of meditation is free, self-reliant and completely transportable. and accessible anytime you wish to pause and tune in. Establishing a regular practice say 20 minutes a day for 3 weeks, means that you will more easily be able to experience the benefits in your daily life as well as benefit from shorter practices as and when you can make time, even an extra 5 minutes here and there, will help to maintain the continuity of practice.

Metta Bhavana

I have been practising meditation for a long time and teaching for around 15 years and I have explored many different types of meditation, from visualisation, chakra meditation, chi kung, mindfulness of breathing, to Yoga Nidra. My main daily practice is the Metta Bhavana which is the Buddhist practice known as Loving Kindness, as I find this to be a profound practice that helps to cultivate kindness, empathy and compassion for self and others. 

Guided Yoga Nidra Meditation.

The restorative practice of Yoga Nidra is based upon the ancient Tantric practice called Nyasa. It means the "sleep of the yogis" and was mainly developed by Swami Satchidanada. This is pure effortless restorative relaxation! Lying down on your back supported by props to be completely comfortable, you are guided in the rotation of awareness around the body. A variety of techniques can include visualisation, positive affirmation and body scanning to aid relaxation. This leads the mind into the Alpha state of consciousness also known as the hypnagogic state, which is the feeling of drowsiness just before you fall asleep. In Yoga Nidra the intention is to remain in this state for an extended period of time that promotes healing, releases pain and discomfort, and to feel deeply relaxed on all levels of being.


This sublime practice will nourish on every level as Yoga Nidra has a profound transformative effect. Feelings of stress simply melt away and time virtually stops still. Afterwards there is a lightness of being that is felt in mind, body and spirit. You will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and in harmony with yourself and the universe!


The benefits:-

  • Reduce stress & release worry

  • Relax & release pain

  • Awareness & presence in the here and now

  • Experience inner peace and harmony

  • Increases your health and wellbeing

  • Experience greater clarity of mind and focus

  • Promotes positive thoughts & feelings


I hold monthly Meditation Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing Workshops. Please see the workshop page for details.

Pranayama and Meditation Class