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One to One YOGA

One to one Yoga 

I offer personal Yoga on a one to one basis and small groups (no more than three people) at Shine Holistic or in your home.

Yoga is the ancient spiritual discipline that addresses mind, body and spirit and incorporates breathing, postures and meditation. These personal classes focus on your particular needs and requirements in a safe way. You learn and progress at your own pace, with attention to alignment and basic principles of the postures to provide a firm foundation for your practice. Yoga helps to improve postural alignment, increase core strength, stability and flexibility and boost your overall wellbeing.


These personal classes consider you, your needs and your body. It's not about making your body fit the shape of a pose, it's about how you can  perform a posture so you feel you are working and moving in the right way without strain.

There is no need to compare yourself to anybody else, since we are working with your body. No need to wonder if you are doing the posture correctly as you will be guided step by step.

Personal yoga ensures you work at your own pace and this attention often means that you can progress further than you would when attending a large class.


Aims of Personal Yoga 

  • to tailor the class to suit your needs and aims 

  • provide safe instruction of the postures

  • to move in all planes of motion

  • to work with postures dynamically and statically 

  • to build strength, stamina and flexibility

  • to encourage support and healing of any injuries old or new

  • to encourage awareness of breathing

  • to enjoy, have fun and feel good!


What to expect on your first visit

A health consultation is taken to assess your needs and highlight any special requirements or considerations.


A postural assessment helps to highlight areas to focus on.

Discussion of your needs and expectations and a class plan.

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