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Reiki & Seichem

What is Reiki & Seichem Healing?

Reiki & Seichem is a natural, gentle and powerful system of healing.   It  brings the earth energy of Usui Reiki and the elemental energies of Seichem together.


Reiki is an ancient healing practice that originated in Tibet. It was rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui from ancient Sanskrit texts in the 1920's who developed and named this healing Usui Reiki Ryoho, which is known as the traditional reiki method of healing. Reiki is pronounced Ray Key. Rei - means Universal and Ki means Energy, Life Force or Vitality. Reiki  transmits the elemental energy of the Earth. 


Seichem (pronounced say-keem) is said to be one of the healing arts practised in Egypt that transmits the elemental energies of Sophi -El (Water), Sakara (Fire) Angelic Light (Air & Spirit). In 1980 this energy was rediscovered by Patrick Ziegler in  Giza, Egypt.  


Reiki & Seichem is based on the principle that life-force energy pervades all living beings, animate and inanimate. This life force energy is what impacts our own inner healing mechanism, our immune system, which all animals and plants also have. When our immune system is healthy, we feel strong, vibrant and alive, when we are stressed and depleted our immune system more easily succumbs to illness and disease.


Receiving a Treatment

Reiki & Seichem healing is a gentle and tranquil full body treatment that is received fully clothed, lying down on a treatment table. It involves hands on or off the body to transmit and channel the healing energies working on the physical and subtle energy fields of the body. It  can be felt as warm, sometimes cool, radiating, tingling and calming energy. The frequency and vibration of the energy allows the mind to slow down and relax,  moving from sympathetic nervous system dominance to the relax, rest and replenish aspect of the parasympathetic nervous system, thus initiating the innate healing system in the body. With such a deep relaxation response and calming effect, Reiki Seichem can help to alleviate pain, tight tense muscles and release mental and emotional stress. To receive a treatment is to take time out to stop, rest and recalibrate on a level that harmonises mind, body and spirit.


In order to tailor the treatment to individual needs, a short consultation is taken at the beginning of the session. This is to establish the reason for the treatment and to highlight any areas that need focus, whether it is of a physical, mental, emotional nature. Depending on need, the session may be interactive in that you may be guided in relaxation breathing, visualisation, meditation and positive affirmations as tools for self-care and to enhance the benefits of the Reiki Seichem treatment.


Reiki & Seichem is an energetic approach to health and wellbeing that complements allopathic medical approaches.


Benefits of Reiki & Seichem

  • Releases stress and tension through deep relaxation

  • Vitality and life force energy is amplified 

  • Helps to increase energy levels

  • Increases the body's own healing mechanism

  • Increases positivity and wellbeing

  • Can help to overcome difficulties and life-challenges

  • May help to reduce pain

  • Has a balancing and centering effect

  • Is used to treat conditions of physical, mental and emotional cause

  • Promotes feelings of peace and calm

  • May help to clear the mind of mental and emotional clutter


Learning Reiki & Seichem Healing

Anyone can learn Reiki & Seichem and there are three levels of learning one can go through. The first level is about focussing on self-healing. It helps to progress personal development. It can also be used to treat family, friends and pets. Through the empowerment of working with symbols, the second level is about deepening and increasing the energy that is channelled  to self and others. This helps to transmit energy through time and space.   With the second level training the practitioner is qualified to work on a  professional level. There are different dimensions that come into awareness at this level, such as working with remote healing and developing the intuitive eye and increasing sense perceptions. The third level is about deepening study and understanding  of working with energy and then learning to teach reiki to others. 

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