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Mindfulness Massage

A unique Interactive experience

Mindfulness Massage

The unique combination of guided meditation and massage is powerfully effective for releasing worry, anxiety and stress from the mind, as well as tension from the body. Wonderfully relaxing, it is distinct from regular massage, in that rather than being passive, it is interactive.

There is guidance on observing the breath, tuning-in to sensations in the body, becoming aware of thoughts and feelings in a non-judgemental way, that allows you to get in touch with what is going on within. As you learn the skill of mindfulness not only do you experience this in the treatment, you learn how to apply it and use it in your life.

Tight, contracted muscles are eased and transformed into something more malleable. It is this state of being that permeates across mind and body as you gradually succumb to the feeling of relaxation. All aspects of self are encouraged towards experiencing positive thoughts and feelings, through breathing, guided affirmations and visualisations. It is within this safe, nurturing haven where these great tools really work well together. There are pauses of stillness and silence that are integral to the treatment. It is a gently empowering experience that seems to connect and register in a very wholesome way that feels truly restorative, restful and relaxing.

During hectic and stressful times, there can be a disconnection with the self, as the mind ruminates on the past, or propels forwards into worry about the future. Connection with the breath in meditation helps to experience being in the now. There is no past, there is no future (and therefore no worries) there is simply the experience of being in the present moment.

There is no need to identify with the stressed-out worried self of old, having let that aspect of self melt off the muscles, beyond the table, beyond mind and body. As we come to realise that the worrying thoughts are not a permanent state of being, the possibility of constructive change opens up as we move towards a more relaxed, kind and expansive way of being that feels more spacious and healthy.

By detaching from the rambling thoughts of the mind, there is a drawing in on the experience of the body and connecting to the inner terrain of sensations and feelings that is also you. Emotions can be recognized and acknowledged rather than being ignored or put on the back burner, as is our tendency to just “carry on” in our busy lives. This is not however, psychotherapy, but a nourishing, nurturing return to the soul, a reconnection to self, where mind, body, spirit and emotions meet and integrate into a whole being, without the drama, without the stress and all the superfluous “stuff” that clouds the ability to see clearly. There is a sense of greater control over the mind and thoughts and a feeling of peace, which make it all the easier to cope with the daily demands of life.

Regular periods of “switching off” from the internet and disengaging from social media are important for replenishing and stocking up on vitality and energy levels. A Mindfulness massage can provide that space, so you can feel like you’ve had a holiday without having gone anywhere!

Whilst one session will provide you with valuable and effective tools to store in your “tool kit for life”, a series of sessions are recommended to fortify the learning and practice of meditation for long lasting benefits.

If you are interested in meditation and mindfulness and learning tools to equip yourself with the skills of relaxation, then this is a good place to start.

I practice at Shine Holistic on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

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