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"I enjoyed the course a lot, it was an amazing experience. 

 Stunning, rejuvenating and empowering. Flo is an incredible teacher. She makes everything fun and palatable".  

                     S. McNicholas, London, UK.

                          Morocco retreat, 2015

Next Reiki & Seichem 2 Course

 Sat 19th & Sun 20th June 2021

Reiki is an integral part of my life, I use it everyday and I have been using it professionally and personally for over 20 years. Since receiving my mastership in February 2012, I have run trainings in London and a reiki retreat in Marrakech, Morocco. 

Learning Reiki & Seichem Healing

Anyone can learn Reiki & Seichem and there are three levels of learning one can go through. The first level is about focussing on self-healing. It helps to progress personal development. It can also be used to treat family, friends and pets. The training focusses on the aspect of self that relates to the energetic model of health and subtle body.  This is at the core of how vital life force energy expresses itself in our health and wellbeing. 


Through the empowerment of working with symbols, the second level is about deepening and increasing the energy that is channelled  to self and others. This helps to transmit energy through time and space.    There are different dimensions that come into awareness at this level, such as working with remote healing and developing the intuitive eye and increasing sense perceptions. With the second level training the practitioner can work towards healing on a professional level, with the correct supplementary qualifications of Anatomy & Physiology and public liability insurance.


The third level is about deepening study and understanding of working with energy and then learning to teach reiki to others. 


How may Reiki & Seichem 1 benefit you & others?


It helps to:-


  • Amplify your energy levels

  • Boost your own innate healing mechanism

  • Increase your ability to access your intuition

  • Increase and boost positive mind and well-being

  • A relaxation tool to counter stress & tension

  • Give healing to another in need

  • It can help to create clear boundaries between you and others

  • Help you through challenging times

  • Aid you in your own personal development

  • It may be used as a tool to help you make positive change in your life

  • It may help to release old negative patterns of thinking and behaviour


If you are already a practitioner in the healing arts, it will help you to create clear boundaries between you and your clients or students.It will help you to maintain positivity and boost your vital life-force energy to avoid draining your energy levels. Maintenance of a clear energy field will help to prevent burn-out. 


Here is some information below on Reiki Seichem levels 1 and 2.


Chakras 1.jpg


Investment = £250.00

Course date to be set

Level one is open to all. The main focus of attention in this level, is on self-healing, increasing your health and wellbeing and being able to give healing to friends, family. pets and plants. Reiki Seichem amplifies life force energy,  in order to channel Reiki & Seichem healing you will receive the attunements in a lovely meditation ceremony. You will receive a journal to make notes and to chart your journey through the 21 day process and on-going support is available during this time.



  • The Principles & Story of Reiki & Reiki Seichem

  • The Energetic Models of Health

  • The Energy Fields & Chakras 

  •  Introduction to the Violet Flame

  •  Grounding and Protection techniques

  •  Setting up and cleansing space

  •  How to work with sankalpa (intention setting)

  •  Meditation

  •  Visualisations

  •  About Self-healing

  •  The Reiki Invocation

  •  Energy Exercises which help to sensitise hands to feel energy

  •  How to give yourself a self-healing treatment

  •  How to give a treatment to another person

  •  Treatment protocol and hand positions for giving Reiki & Seichem treatment     

  •  Creating clear boundaries

  •  About the 21 day cleansing process. 

  •  The importance of taking care of self

  •  Ethical codes of conduct


Reiki Treatment


Investment = £ 350.00*


Saturday 19th June & Sunday 20th June 2021


Reiki & Seichem level 2 is for those who have completed Reiki & Seichem level 1.


The purpose of Reiki & Seichem II is to deepen your knowledge and understanding of Reiki & Seichem and truly immerse yourself into the energetic aspects of sensing, feeling and using reiki in your daily life. It is a beautiful energy that can help to open your heart and mind to healing potential in your own personal development and in working with others. This healing energy will help to expand your empathy and connection to yourself and to family and friends. Being of service is the greatest gift we can give to others and is a wonderful tool for our own growth.


Reiki & Seichem 2 increases the healing levels even further than in Reiki Seichem level 1. This is where we work in the quantum field and realm of remote healing which transcends time and space. There is great science around now, that shows how this works. This is a useful tool to send positive healing energy to another in a different location to you, to set up space "ahead of time" and to reiki situations. 

In Reiki & Seichem 2 you are given the symbols to draw and work with, which are the keys to working with this healing energy in more creative ways. Using the symbols amplifies the energy potential even more and increases your ability to channel healing energy to yourself and others. 

You will receive a manual to support your learning, it has all the relevant information, clear drawings of the symbols and information on how to use them and all the meditations and processes that will be covered on the course.  There will be some reading material sent before-hand to prepare for our learning and there will be a 21 day process to go through after the course to assimilate the learning. You will receive a certificate, on completion of the course.


In the course, there is some information geared towards working with Reiki & Seichem 2 as a practitioner, although not all students will want to use it for this purpose. Reiki & Seichem 2 is a requirement to working in a professional capacity and being able to offer this as a practitioner to the general public. Though extra training in anatomy and physiology, and public liability insurance and membership with a professional body is required.  


If you are already a holistic health practitioner, you will find this a great tool with your work and will be able to offer this as an individual therapy.  As a practitioner, reiki will help you to set up and clear the space before and in between clients and help manage your energy levels.


Here is what will be covered on the course:-


-                The importance of taking care of self: the day begins with a meditation and yoga practice or pranayama

-                Ethics, code of conduct

-                Essential Energy hygiene (grounding, cleansing, protection)

-                Recap causal level of disease and energetic model of health from Reiki & Seichem 1   

-                Deepen understanding and knowledge of the Chakra system

-                Energy techniques: assessing with hands and working with pendulum & crystals

-                Visualisation techniques and practical space setting and clearing

-                Intention Setting as a tool for self & recipient

-                Meditation &  visualisation tools regarding psychic communication

-                The healing protocol (giving healing to another)

-                The healing protocol for sending remote healing 

-                Learn and memorise the symbols, meaning of the symbols, how to activate and use them

-                Using the symbols for person present, distance healing, reiki a situation, everyday situations

-               Taking a case history

-                Group healing – many hands make light work!

-                The second level attunement will be given and students receive the symbols in the aura

-                Information about insurance and RASA membership

To prepare, there will be some pre-reading given before the course starts. The attunements will be given on the second day of the course in a lovely meditation cacao ceremony. There is also a 21 day process to go through following the course to absorb and integrate the learnings and a personal check-in at the end of the process. 

*     Repeating the Course

       If you have taken the Reiki & Seichem 2 course with me before and wish to repeat, there is a discount price available of               £280.00


Georgie Chester
Holistic Practitioner, Reiki & Seichem 2, June 2021

Flo embodies and embraces the essence of what reiki is all about.  She is a totally dedicated teacher and brings in so many aspects from her years as a therapist & her teachings.  The experience is truly magical . It is fun,  informative and exciting.  I feel blessed to have this experience with her . I feel it has recharged me.  Thank you Flo.  

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