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Fresh & Fabulous Equinox Retreat


Thursday 19th - 22nd September 2019 (3 nights)

at Uxello Chalet, The Alps, France

This was the second year back at The Equinox Retreat in the Alps.

The day began with oil pulling, warm lemon water, a sublime meditation practice lead by Julie Devine followed by a juice and then a fun and challenging yoga practice lead by me. It was just as magical as last year with incredible sunshine and the added gem of a day out at a beautiful lake. We practiced yoga by the lake, which felt incredibly special with the beautiful mountainous backdrop and the turquoise water of the lake. We had  an invigorating swim afterwards followed by a picnic lunch.  Evening supper was a superb, tasty vegan meal prepared by Sephie Deacon followed by restorative yoga and guided yoga nidra. 

The next day we managed to fit in a hike in the mountains and guests also had the opportunity to receive massages and holistic treatments. 

Here's what some of the participants said of the retreat:-

"Dear Sephie, Julie and Flo. What an amazing time I've had. I cannot put into words what a special place this is, fabulous food, amazing yoga and wonderful company. Thank you for making me feel so welcome and for all your knowledge. You worked so hard and i appreciate it all so much.".  Jenny

"Thank you so much for everything. What a gorgeous location to have this special retreat. The food was out of this world. I loved the company, the yoga was fab, I was challenged in a positive way. The walk was just enough, clean, clear and fresh. I go home revitalised and with knowledge ( my word of the week)". C Foster.

"Thank you so much for an amazing seamless time. It was so fabulous (and fresh) to have food and yoga prepared with love.  I forgot my "outside life" and was able to go in deep. Thanks so much for the perfect venue, the weather the sun (how did you manage to do that?) and the lush green forests. You are all very special".  Kate.

The Art of Living Mindfully

A  Deep  Dive  Yoga  Retreat  Immersion


Thursday 4th - Monday 8th July 2019 (4 nights)

at the Mill Retreat Centre, Normandy, France


Hosted by Florentina Lam-Clark and

Sarah McFadden

This was a wonderful retreat held in 30 acres of stunning grounds with a spectacular 10 acre lake, woodland and natural wildlife. We were a group of 16 and had sole use of the centre. We began each morning with Vinyasa Flow yoga practice taught by Sarah followed by a wonderful breakfast prepared by the in-house chef, David.  There was plenty of free-time with a mid-morning workshop followed by lunch.

Sarah an I offered one to one sessions of yoga and holistic treatments, which the retreaters enjoyed. The evening yoga sessions were restorative practices that explored meditation, pranayama, restorative yoga and yoga nidra. The retreat centre was amazing and one of the many highlights for me, was practising yoga by the lake with Sarah, in order to fit in our own personal practice and then swimming in the freshwater lake afterwards, which was absolutely divine!

Here's what some of the participants said of the retreat:-

"I so enjoyed the retreat, you & Sarah created a truly remarkable & special time & experience". T Hall.

"As someone with limited experience I found the blend of vinyasa flow and restorative yoga a wonderful balance and deeply satisfying". G Pattison.

"I felt rested, rejuvenated and inspired to go back into my life and make some changes " J McGreggor.

Fresh & Fabulous Mountain Retreat

          Raw & Vegan Cuisine, Yoga, Meditation & Hiking

Celebrate the Autumn Equinox

Relax, cleanse & nourish your mind, body and soul

Thursday 20th – Sunday 23rd September 2018


This retreat took place in the heart of the Porte du Soleil region — Les Gets, France, surrounded by the natural beauty of pristine alpine forest. A well known ski resort, at this time of year it was deserted. The retreat was run by Persephone Deacon, vegan and vegetarian chef extraordinaire and Julie Devine who assisted and provided the group with incredible cleansing juices and soups. I provided vinyasa flow yoga in the mornings and yoga nidra in the evenings as well as healing treatments.

There was much fun and laughter and meditation and yoga participation in equal measure. An incredible 2 hour walk in the Alps with the sound of cow bells in the distance and lung-fulls of clean air meant we returned back to the chalet exhilarated and uplifted. The bond between the participants, in terms of kindness, sharing and generous nature of all, made for an easeful time together.


A highlight was the cacao closing ceremony which we were then rewarded with a double rainbow in the sky, it was all quite magical! 

 Reiki & Seichem Healing, Yoga & Meditation 

       Retreat in Marrakech & the Atlas Mountains, Morocco,  November 2015


This was a unique one week retreat in the sun combining the teachings of Reiki & Seichem healing with a daily Chakra yoga & meditation practice.


There were two daily sessions. the morning session began with a short meditation practice leading into a chakra yoga practice and then a learning session on Reiki & Seichem . The students then had some free time to enjoy before the late afternoon session which consisted of meditation and practical healing session. 


Midway through the week, we set off for a day's retreat into the Atlas Mountains where the students spent the day in stillness and quiet and received their attunements. It was a very special day and we came back to Marrakech recharged and enthused to continue with the rest of the learning.


Here is what some students had to say of their experience.


"Stunning, rejuvenating and empowering. Flo is an incredible teacher. She makes everything fun and palatable".  S. McNicholas, London, UK.


"Wonderful! Completely nourishing, unifying, uplifting - inspiring. I feel wiser! I would highly recommend this retreat!

R Urquhart, London, UK.


"Wonderfully restorative and replenishing. I feel I have added many valuable tools to my "tool box" for life".  J Ripley, London, UK.