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Yoga Classes at Yogahome Stoke Newington January 2019

"Flo, thank you so much for the loveliest of introductions to yoga over the last three months.  The sessions are the only quiet moments in life at the moment, and I truly appreciate every minute.   You bring so much bliss into our lives!"

Thebes, Stoke Newington, Jan 2019 


Equinox Retreat in the Alps, Sept 2018

"It was brilliant to have Flo as our yoga teacher, meditation leader and healer at the retreat. Not only is she a beautiful person, with a lovely energy - but her skills are exceptional!"


"Flo’s yoga classes were enjoyable, varied and masterfully adapted to the needs and mood of the group. She paid close attention to everyone and gently offered adjustments and help where these were beneficial, as well as ensuring all skill levels were catered for. I loved Flo’s emphasis on breath and mindfulness during the practice. With Flo’s guidance and great tools, I mastered how use my breath properly during yoga, after years of trying - a breakthrough!


Flo’s meditation classes were also enjoyable, deeply relaxing and powerful. She taught us great meditation and relaxation techniques, that have proven invaluable in my everyday life since the retreat. 


I also enjoyed a reflexology session with Flo, which was incredible - so relaxing yet reviving! She worked in a very intuitive way and is a powerful healer. 


I’d love to attend another retreat with Flo - she is a truly gifted healer and teacher, and a wonderful inspiring person to be around! 

Jolene Coloquhoun, Sept 2018


It was such an amazing asset to the retreat to have a resident yogini healer! Florentina integrates many types of yoga so there was something to suit everyone . Also, having a variety of healing treatments available to guests throughout the weekend made the retreat experience very hollistic. Florentina's healing is compassionate and intuitive; she brings a wealth of experience with her multi-disciplined healing and yoga practices. I found her healing sessions wonderfully relaxing and restorative and they perfectly complimented the chilled out vibes of the evening yoga nidra sessions. The retreat left me feeling renewed and centred. It was everything I hoped for and more! I recommend it to EVERYONE.


Andrea White, Sept 2018


We had the most wonderful time on the Fresh and Fabulous retreat at Chateau Uxello in the Alps.  Flo’s yoga practice was gentle and fun, which matched the mood of the weekend.   it was especially grounding to stretch and balance outside in the autumn sunshine,  barefoot on the grass.  Flo’s meditation and Pranayama techniques were very helpful, her meditations took us on a journey of discovery, that , in my case helped me make certain decisions, which I had come away to contemplate.   The breathing techniques cleared the mind and lungs, especially the Brahmari Humming Bee.  i will be using this technique to rid myself of unwanted thoughts and irritation and regain joy and good humour.  What a lovely lasting gift to give us all on the last day!   Thank you Flo.


Milly Cenza, Sept 2018


Yoga Classes

Thank you for the wonderful teachings, the smiles and giggles in my moments of tiredness and the support in encouraging me in my practice.

E Hamilton, One life Studio, September 2018



Private Yoga  

My partner and I have been enjoying personal yoga sessions with Florentina for over a year now, and we are finding many benefits from the practise, both physical and mental.  Tiny adjustments to the placement of fingers, toes etc that she recommends make previously unattainable postures possible (and sometimes even comfortable!) for me.  I am enjoying much less shoulder and neck pain, less water retention and reduced PMS symptoms, increased flexibility, improved skin tone, and a calmer mind!  Florentina is able to make a session into a strong cardiovascular workout or a deeply relaxing restorative experience, and all points inbetween.  She has excellent knowledge of anatomy, and an abiding interest in using yoga to improve health and wellbeing.  I thoroughly recommend Florentina's yoga classes!

A Chauhan, Stoke Newington, June 2015


Meditation & Yoga Nidra Workshop 2nd Dec 2018

Thank you so much for Sunday. It was exactly what I wanted and needed both in terms of healing and nurturing my body - after a virus - and my heart after some painful stuff with a friend. Personally, I really appreciated the added element of infused Reiki Healing - I felt it significantly helped me release the inner struggles and tightness, and was a great intro into the Yoga Nidra.

L Haywood, Stoke Newingtong December 2018



I absolutely love Flo’s Meditation and Yoga Nidra workshops. Flo creates a wonderfully positive and healing atmosphere in the One Life Studio. The workshop combines practical ideas and tips for meditation with the deeply relaxing experience of yoga nidra. Plus some really interesting bits of talk and philosophy from Flo. I always come away feeling restored and deeply peaceful with a great sense of well being. As a result of attending the sessions, I feel supported in my daily meditation practice. AND we have tea, biscuits and chat afterwards, which provides a nice ‘wind down’ before we face the ‘outside’ world.

T Thompson, Stoke Newington, October 2015


The workshops are always very relaxing in a tranquil space which Flo always makes so beautiful and welcoming. The sessions are full of insightful comments, at an academic, spiritual and practical level. One can see that Flo is striving to make meditation more accessible and applicable to our everyday lives. Within minutes I feel my stresses melting away. Yoga nidra is bliss. I love it!

A White, Stoke Newington, June 2015


The session was wonderful thanks. I had my best night's sleep in months!

K Winnem, Stoke Newington, 2016


Many thanks for creating such a supportive environment in which to learn to relax and appreciate ourselves.

S Lopez, Stoke Newington, 2016


Aromatherapy, Yoga & Meditation Workshop

I wanted to write to say thank you so much for the last  (aromatherapy) - workshop. Since then , I have started making my own shampoo and using the oils you recommended and have already started to notice a real difference with my hair - which feels like a huge miracle!  I am so grateful, cannot thank you enough!

B Ray, Stoke Newington, 2016


Reiki & Seichem Courses

I enjoyed the course a lot, it was an amazing experience.

L Areizaga, London 2014




I had the most rotten migraine for 2 days and after I couldn't take any more medication I thought I would make an appointment to see Florentina Lam-Clark for a massage. Previously I had reflexology with Flo which was amazing so I knew her healing hands might be able to help shift this migraine! I dragged myself up to Shine with the migraine where after the massage with Flo I felt totally relieved and relaxed from the pain! It was like a small miracle for me. Flo is one of those amazing human beings that have the ability to heal the mind body and soul.

K Heywood, November 2018



I have been receiving massage treatments from Flo for the last  10 years.   I suffer with rheumatoid arthritis and have done for more than 20 years and so she uses essential oils to help with the pain.  I carry a lot of tension in my upper back and shoulders and after a massage always feel that I have much more movement and less knots.  I feel such a good sense of wellbeing and always sleep like a baby that night.  I see Flo on a monthly basis as I find the treatment beneficial to body and mind - to relieve the pain and have the tension broken down so that movement is easier makes me have a more positive frame of mind.  I consider my treatments with Flo essential body maintenance.

S Bell, Canary Wharf, 2011


I highly recommend Flo as an Holistic Therapist. Her broad range of knowledge and techniques makes her a very sought after Therapist. A session with her at the end of my working day is a haven of bliss I look forward to time and time again.

A Du Plessis, Health & Wellness Coach, Canary Wharf, 2011



After receiving a nasty injury to my lower calf where the area surrounding the impact directly onto my bone had swollen significantly, I started a weekly treatment of Lymphatic Drainage which made it easier to
 walk and reduced the localized swelling and them allowed a further course of light effluage directly on and around the area on impact to help breakdown the remaining fluid and speed up healing. The swelling  had dissipated by week 4 and I resumed football training after week 6 and this past injury has not bothered me since. I would definitely recommend anyone with this type of injury to Flo for me the results and benefits are clear.

S Kelly, Canary Wharf, 2011



Pregnancy Reflexology & Aromatherapy

I feel very fortunate to have found a practitioner as kind, professional and skilled as Florientina is. She always goes above and beyond the call of duty, making sure you are comfortable, informed and supremely relaxed. Throughout my pregnancy Flo was invaluable with massage and reflexology. I can honestly say I wouldn't have got through the very difficult last trimester without her. She listens to you and what your body is telling her, and removes tension that has built up in my case for years due to a hectic professional and social life. I cannot praise her enough. 
K McNish, Stoke Newington, 2011

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