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A beautiful hand-blended and crafted, nourishing hand cream  made with organically sourced, naural  ingredients that are easily absorbed by the skin. There are no synthetic "nasties" or preservatives added, so you can be assured that what goes on your skin, is pure, natural food for the skin.


Excellent for dry, chapped skin, this cream is deeply moisturising, nourishing and healing. It will leave your skin feeling soft and silky and the harmonious blend of essential oils will uplift you.

Heavenly Hand Cream - 60ml

  • The hand cream comes in two sizes.

    30 ml which goes a long way and will last you for a couple of months when used everyday and is handy to carry with you.

    The 60ml jar can last between 4-6 months when used everyday. Store in a cool dry place, make sure not to subject to high temperatures as this can lower the shelf-life.

    Shelf-life: Up to 12 months from opening.

    You can rest assured that what you are putting on your skin, is good enough to eat, it is food for your skin that the body can process and naturally absorb without any toxic side effects.

    The essential oils  have been selected and chosen for their therapeutic skin healing effects and their harmonous  and pleasant aromas. 


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