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Meditate with Essential Oils

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Infusing essential oils in the air can help to create a peaceful atmosphere conducive to meditation

Essential oils are well known to positively enhance our mood and emotions.

The beguiling and penetratingly delicious aromas of some essential oils, provides the perfect conduit with which to enhance our meditation practice. Infusing essential oils into the air during meditation, can lull the mind into that sweet zone of deep peace and relaxation so valuable for recalibrating mind, body and spirit.

There is something about the soothing quality of the oils that wraps around us like a soft fluffy blanket, providing that safe space, turning the mind inward, so we can let go of any tension, angst or worry and find stillness and being. There are a wide variety of essential oils to choose from, however, the classic essential oil for meditation is Frankincense (Boswelia Carteri). It’s therapeutic properties help to slow down the breath and calm the mind, helping to restore the parasympathetic nervous system and counter the “fight or flight” mechanism. When combined with the soothing and calming qualities of Lavender and the light, refreshing uplifting aroma of lemon or lime, they create the perfect synergistic blend to feel, deeply relaxed, soothed and optimistic.

Suggested blends to use in meditation are:-

Frankincense, Lavender & Lime (lemon)

Lavender, Chamomile Roman & Geranium

Coriander, Bergamot & Lavender

ClarySage, Lavender & Orange

Just place 3-5 drops of each oil in water in an oil burner, or use an aroma stream. Or you can place a few drops of essential oils on a tissue and waft under your nose to release the aromas. For this meditation you can use a positive affirmation, such as “I feel calm, relaxed and at ease”.

Take three slow, long and deep breaths in and simply let the aromas and the words resonate and transport you to a place of happiness, harmony and wellbeing!

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