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Time for a Spring Clean!

Navigating the twists and turns of change

As we go through the journey of life with it's many twists and turns, ups and downs, can we learn to travel the path of least resistance? Or do we feel at the mercy of whatever conditions, situations, stormy thoughts and feelings blow our way? As we get pulled in all directions we can feel fragmented or disjointed, and feel unbalanced. We might look for things to hook on to that might make us feel momentarily better like food, alcohol, sex, tv etc., and still we are left with the feeling of not quite being satiated and so we keep on searching.  When we repeat this pattern often enough it becomes a habit of escape, one that we get to know and feel safe with even if it is ultimately not serving us well. It's what we become accustomed to and can be difficult to change.

We are complex creatures, accumulating "stuff" as we go. Experiences from the past filled with the "good, the bad and the ugly". We carry and hold onto our hurts, ills and woes like wounded soldiers. Or we pump ourselves up and elevate the ego. Maybe we think we are ok and don't even know these things are there, like suppressed fear, stress, anxiety, anger, sorrow, loneliness. This creates filters through which we view "the now". It can sabotage our happiness, in our relationships, in our work. Over time these layers build up and we wear them like masks as we lose the connection to who we really are. However, if we take a good look inside, we realise that what we resist, persists. If we resist change, life will happen to bring about or instigate change, or we miss the opportunities and just get stuck.

Maybe it's time for a change! And just like mother nature bursting forth with new growth and renewal, perhaps it's time to listen to the inner voice of the soul that is aching to break free. Time to shed the "old skin". Time for transformation. Time to make and keep that promise, firstly to be kind to self, to be brave, confident and bold, to explore and stretch out beyond the boundaries of self-limitations. 

We have the ability to be highly adaptable, our brains and bodies have plasticity that allows new input to create and manifest change in positive ways. There are many pathways to help us acquire new skills and tools to navigate our way through life. Pausing, stopping still and just being, brings rich rewards. Our nervous system can relax, replenish and rejuvenate. Mind, body, emotions & spirit recalibrate to new levels of synchronicity and harmony, as all systems integrate and operate as a whole being rather than separate parts.

Meditation, Yoga & Reiki are pathways and a means to being in stillness, giving permission to self to unwind and relax. From this viewpoint and experience, we can then access the many gifts of wisdom and intuition that lie within. As we quiet ourselves and tap into the rich reservoir of inner resources, we can make realisations, and shed false perspectives or beliefs. New growth will ensue!

As we repeat the practice(s) and consistently instil the experiences deeply into every cell of the body, we begin to resonate with new awareness that can transform our daily experience of life. We realise we do have freedom of choice about how we think, feel and act!

So perhaps the time is ripe for a Spring Clean of mind, body and spirit! Take heart! Be courageous, take a leap of faith and make a change!

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