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The Art of Living Mindfully

T h e  A r t   o f 
L i v i n g  M i n d f u l l y

 A  Deep  Dive  Yoga  Retreat  Immersion

A retreat to guide you into a more peaceful way of living and being



4th-8th July 2019 (4 nights)

at the Mill Retreat Centre, Normandy, France


Hosted by Florentina Lam-Clark and

Sarah McFadden



Come and experience a wonderful immersion in yoga, surrounded by glorious nature in the supportive company of experienced teachers,  Florentina Lam-Clark and Sarah McFadden.


Described as “a slice of heaven on earth”, the natural beauty of The Mill Retreat Centre in France provides the perfect setting for this Deep Dive Yoga Retreat.



A  Deep  Dive  Yoga  Retreat  Immersion

                 A retreat to guide you into a more peaceful way of living and being



Thursday 4th - Monday 8th July 2019 (4 nights)

at the Mill Retreat Centre, Normandy, France


Hosted by Florentina Lam-Clark and

Sarah McFadden



Come and experience a wonderful immersion in yoga,  surrounded by glorious nature in the supportive company of experienced teachers,  Florentina Lam-Clark and Sarah McFadden.


Described as “a slice of heaven on earth”, the natural beauty of The Mill Retreat Centre in France provides the perfect setting for this Deep Dive Yoga Retreat.

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Please read the terms and conditions before booking.

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Yoga has an incredible history and rich tapestry of interwoven practical, ethical, philosophical and spiritual guidance, from which to draw upon. In Patanjali's "Yoga sutras" we find many wisdom codes, such as the Yamas and Niyamas, that teach us how to live consciously and mindfully. 


During the retreat, we will go beyond the physical aspect of yoga practice and explore some of these teachings to enrich your practice and enable a deeper experience, as it evolves on and off the mat. We will take an integrative approach to yoga practice in terms of Asana - the dynamic aspect of yoga flow and movement, Pranayama - the science of breath, Meditation - being in stillness, Restorative Yoga - for deep rest and relaxation and the deep bliss of Yoga Nidra guided meditation. 


This full immersive experience of yoga will help you to build a sound tool-kit for navigating through the inevitable challenges and stresses of daily living. As you ground, centre and reconnect to a sense of ease and inner peace, you will be able to build your inner-resourcefulness and strengthen your resilience.


This is a retreat for all, whether you are a new, or experienced practitioner.


During the retreat, we will support you in developing your yoga practice to suit your needs.


Lead by myself and Sarah McFadden, we will be combining our skills in an approach to teaching that is mindful, with care and attention to detail that will enable you to develop your yoga practice. 


It is our intention to provide and hold a safe space for you to expand and grow, to encourage your curiosity and thirst for knowledge, to connect on common ground and rediscover important values, hopes, dreams and aspirations!



-    Take a unique deep dive into yoga and explore the richness of it’s teachings and discover vital              tools for mindful living and interaction.


-    Enjoy time to yourself in the beautiful surroundings where you can connect with nature and really         switch off. There are 30 acres of stunning grounds, a spectacular 10 acre lake, enticing                         woodland and natural wildlife.


-    Practice carefully crafted daily yoga to combine the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual                 elements of the practice.

-   The chance to learn more about yogic philosophy and how to apply the teachings within your yoga       practices and in daily living.

-    A retreat to nourish, nurture and replenish yourself.


-    A place to explore individual goals and passions, receive support and share inspiration with                 a community of like-minded people.

-    A closing circle with ceremonial Cacao to honour our experience and time together. 

-    Easy to get to from London, only 2.5 hours via Calais on the Eurostar, and a group minibus is               arranged from there to the centre.



Why you'll love this retreat experience!

This retreat will give you the opportunity to:

  • Slow down, rest, reset, replenish and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

  • Stimulate your senses and creativity surrounded by natural beauty.

  • Explore and practice yoga in its many different facets to grow, learn and deepen your experience and knowledge.

  • Reconnect to yourself and nature, take time out for reflection and contemplation.

  • Experience, quiet, peace and stillness, connect to your inner wisdom and intuition.

  • Enjoy the company of like-minded souls.

We encourage you to switch off from the outside world and totally immerse yourself in the retreat, so you can return back home feeling refreshed, newly inspired, relaxed and rejuvenated.



The yoga experience - what to expect

Morning yoga classes will be strong and energetic vinyasa flow practices, taught by Sarah.


Evening yoga practices will be more restorative, helping to melt away tension from mind and body and encourage reflection while in a deeply relaxed state. These classes are taught by Flo. 

Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, firm foundations in the dynamic Vinyasa Flow 

practice will encourage you to improve your strength, flexibility, stamina and balance. 


The practice of pranayama (breath-work) will help you to breathe with ease, clear energy blockages and increase your vitality.


Guided meditations and yoga nidra will guide you into stillness and peace, and restorative yoga will encourage you to relax, rest and to let go of deep-seated tensions. 


With take-home tools, teachings and practices to help integrate into your daily life. 


In this retreat, Flo and Sarah weave the deeper philosophical aspects of yoga into the teachings so that you can have an understanding of the foundations of yoga and where yoga originates from. This can add depth to your practice as you expand your knowledge and experience.


We will use the Yamas and Niyamas as a template to guide us through our asana, meditation and restorative practice.​


The Yamas are:-

Ahimsa: Non-Violence. Thinking and acting from a place of kindness and peacefulness for self-care and with others.

Satya: Truthfulness and honesty. Cultivating a way of being that is transparent and respectful to others as well as self.

Asteya: Non-stealing. How can I give rather than think about taking? How can I share what I have with others?

Aparigraha: Non-greed, non-possessiveness. Practising appreciation and gratitude and being free of attachments.

Bramacharya: Conserving and harnessing life force energy in ways that raise energy vibration.


The Niyamas:-

Saucha: purification. Clear thinking, clean eating, taking care of body, mind and spirit in clear and nourishing ways.

Samtosha: Contentment. Learning to accept struggle and challenge, navigating life's ups and downs.

Tapas: heating up. A practice that takes effort, self-discipline to face challenge that leads to positive change & progress.

Svadyaya: Study and spiritual practice, self-study leading to self-discovery, and expanding awareness and consciousness.

Ishvara Paranidhana : Connecting to an expansive energy, greater than self, the ability to see the interconnectedness of the web of life.


This is the retreat to nourish you on all levels of being!


Feedback from our students

"It was such an amazing asset to the retreat to have a resident yogini healer! Florentina integrates many types of yoga so there was something to suit everyone.  Also, having a variety of healing treatments available to guests throughout the weekend made the retreat experience very holistic. Florentina's healing is compassionate and intuitive; she brings a wealth of experience with her multi-disciplined healing and yoga practices. The retreat left me feeling renewed and centred. It was everything I hoped for and more! I recommend it to EVERYONE."

                                                                 Andrea White, Teacher, Equinox Retreat France, Sept 2018



"It was brilliant to have Flo as our yoga teacher, meditation leader and healer at the retreat. Not only is she a beautiful person, with a lovely energy - but her skills are exceptional! Flo’s yoga classes were enjoyable, varied and masterfully adapted to the needs and mood of the group. She paid close attention to everyone and gently offered adjustments and help where these were beneficial, as well as ensuring all skill levels were catered for. With Flo’s guidance and great tools, I mastered how to use my breath properly during yoga, after years of trying - a breakthrough!   She taught us great meditation and relaxation techniques, that have proven invaluable in my everyday life since the retreat.  I’d love to attend another retreat with Flo - she is a truly gifted healer and teacher, and a wonderful inspiring person to be around!"


                                                           Jolene Coloquhoun, Coach, Equinox Retreat France, Sept 2018



"Sarah's retreat was absolutely wonderful. There was the perfect balance of yoga, meditation and time-and-space to oneself. She is a fantastic teacher and it was a privilege to share so much time practicing with her. The venue and food were also fantastic and the weekend was exceptionally-well organised. I had an amazing weekend and came back feeling totally refreshed and like I had been away for ages. Thank you!"


                                                                                                    Ellie Parkes, Fundraiser, March 2019

"I felt a real sense of well being during and after Sarah's retreat. I felt very safe and welcome there, no real awkwardness being with people I didn't know. Sarah held it all together beautifully and we explored a range of meditation and yoga. I felt carefree and had fun too. It was my first ever retreat and it has certainly left me wanting more. Thank you Sarah, what a great legacy."

                                                                                  Lisa Middlemas, Coach & Facilitator, March 2019

"The retreat with Sarah was a wonderful experience. I appreciated the peace, calm and space to focus on myself and my practice. A change from daily life. The retreat was very well run and I felt as if I was in safe hands. Came home feellng rested, calm and motivated to do more yoga and meditation as part of weekly routine."

                                                                                                   Deborah Higgins, Trustee, March 2019

Sample daily programme

8-9:15am:    Pranayama, Meditation & Yoga class (Vinyasa Flow)

9:15am:       Breakfast

11:00am:     Optional morning activity session 

1pm:            Lunch

2-5pm:         Free time

5-6:15pm:    Yoga & Meditation (Restorative) 

7pm:            Dinner


Arrivals from 5pm on Thursday, and the retreat concludes after lunch on Monday.


  • 4 nights full-board accommodation in this beautiful retreat centre.

  • 8 yoga/meditation classes.

  • Exclusive use of the venue and all facilities - there are push bikes available for you to use to explore the area, a lake for swimming and a  boat you can take out, plus lots of walking options from the centre doorstep.

  • Guidance on bringing more yoga and self-care practices into your life.

  • Delicious and healthy vegetarian meals (mainly organic, local food), other dietary requirements can be catered for.



Each attendee will receive a surprise goodie bag with some gifts to support your experience on retreat.

Not included

​-     Transport to and from the venue. Travel is very easy from London, by Eurostar.

      Suggested travel time on Thursday 4th July is 12.58pm arriving in Calais 14.59.

      Return on Monday 8th July,  train time from Calais is 14.01 arriving back in London 14.05 (Note the 

      time difference)! There is also the option of travelling by ferry to Calais, if booking the minibus, you        will be picked up.  Please read Part 2 of the Terms & Conditions document for more details on travel     



-    Transfer to the retreat centre is an organised minibus which is approximately a one and half hour           drive to and from the centre. The cost is £55.00 p.p return. The minibus will be co-ordinated           

     according to the suggested train times. Travel outside of the main suggested times, will need to             be organised independently.

-    Travel insurance (recommended).

-    Additional massages and healing treatments (Flo will be offering body and energy-work                         treatments).


Sharing room (2 - 3 people sharing or couples sharing) per person:

  • Super early-bird / Early-bird / Full price

       £549                  / £599         / £669


Sharing room with ensuite (2 friends or couple per person)


Private room (single) per person:

  • Super early-bird / Early-bird / Full price

       £629                 / £679        / £749

Private room with ensuite (single) per person:


Super early-bird - SALES ENDED.

Early-bird - SALES ENDED.

Full price from the 1st June.

You can pay in full, up-front, or reserve your place by paying a 50% non-refundable deposit, with the balance due no later than 7 weeks before the retreat.


The Mill Retreat centre is a truly exceptional location. Surrounded by nature, it offers the perfect antidote to busy urban life and is an ideal environment in which to relax and replenish on every level while you immerse yourself in the teachings of yoga.

We look forward to welcoming you there.

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